Barss Family Farm

High quality farm raised rabbits, poultry, & goats 

What We Do

10/23/12:We now breed pedigreed show quality mini lop rabbits.  Many colors are available in these beautiful lops: brokens, harlequin, tri color, blue tort, and many more! These adorable rabbits make the perfect pet, or show rabbit. 

We breed quality purebred New Zealand white, Chinchilla, purebred pedigreed Mini Lops, and purebred pedigreed Satin rabbits.  We have just recently applied for ARBA Rabbitry registration and are excited to be entering the show ring in the near future!  We almost always have a litter on the way so be sure to contact us at or by phone ASAP to reserve yours!  Purchases can be made through our online store or in person.

In addition to the show ring, we also breed our rabbits for high quality, all-natural, lean and healthy meat.  We often sell to professional processors but will be expanding our private sales in the near future.  We have roasters and fryers available processed, cleaned, packaged and frozen for $5/per pound.  Our roasters average 2 pounds but other quantities are available upon request.  Please e-mail or call for details or check out our online store to purchase!

We also are providing rabbits for $2/lb live weight.  This method is easiest for feeding pets (snakes, dogs, cats, etc.).

Lastly, raising rabbits provides us with high quality compost.  Compost is available for sale for $5 for a 5 gallon quantity.  My vegetables flourished this year!

We raise chickens for quality, all-natural, healthy egg production.  Our chickens are cage free, never fed hormones or antibiotics of any kind.  Most days you can catch our chickens grazing in the yard pecking at the ground. 

**New!** We also have Cornish Rock Cross chickens for high quality, all natural, cage/antibiotic/hormone free roasters!  Breast, drumsticks, whole birds all available and come just as you would buy them in the store.  They make a great, healthy meal for your family!

To order eggs for $3/dozen, please e-mail us at or give us a call. Delivery is available.

We raise all-natural, cage free, high quality Narragansett heritage breed turkeys.  We have birds available for thanksgiving meals, eggs, and chicks in the Spring.  Eggs and chicks are $10 each and we always have a waiting list, so be sure to get your name in ASAP for next Spring's hatch!

We are raising dairy goats for milk and to produce our own cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, soap, and anything else we can!  We have Miss Monroe, Grammy, Shady Grove, Banjo, and Maple Nut.  We are always interested in expanding our herd from healthy, vaccinated, tested, and registered stock.  Please contact us if you have any dairy goats you wish to sell! 
We are members of ARBA and an ARBA Registered rabbitry-- Barss Family Rabbitry!

Barss Family Farm makes their own milking stands!  Please feel free to contact us to build yours too!  More pictures available upon request. 


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